Derek LaFever

Senior Director of Information Technology & Strategic Planning at FOX Architects

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Derek LaFever

Derek LaFever of Heathsville, Virginia is a hands-on corporate information technology leader with more than 20 years of experience managing the infrastructure strategy, execution & oversight of all technical operations at companies of varying size and industry.

Early Life & Education

Derek grew up in the Falls Church area in Northern Virginia. He enrolled at Northern Virginia Community College, but after taking a few classes, he realized it wasn’t the right path for him. Instead, Derek dove right into the workforce. He worked for a printing company for eight years and worked his way upstairs to the scheduling department. This turned out to be his foot in the door for his future in IT.
From there, Derek worked in IT for a few different companies before landing a job at MCI WorldCom in 2000 as their senior network security engineer. When 9-11 happened, a team from WorldCom, including Derek, spent three days straight restoring the infrastructure and getting it back up and running.

Derek LaFever of Heathsville, Virginia
Derek LaFever Information Technology

Career with FOX

In 2004, Derek was hired as the IT Director at FOX Architects. He developed a private cloud for the company that allows staff to work remotely from anywhere in the world. He also migrated the email system, FTP, and software license management to the cloud, reducing server footprint, saving energy and costs. Derek oversees the infrastructure of all technical operations at FOX and directly manages a team of IT assistants, consultants, & vendors.
In his free time, this self-proclaimed handyman likes to build things around the house, such as a deck, shed, porch, or even redo the bathroom or kitchen. He says working with his hands helps to give his mind a break from the technology he’s constantly involved with.

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