Derek LaFever Bio


Derek LaFever of Heathsville, Virginia is a hands-on corporate information technology leader with more than 20 years of experience managing the infrastructure strategy, execution & oversight of all technical operations at companies of varying size and industry. Derek LaFever’s key proficiencies lay in cloud computing, information technology, contractor & vendor management, strategic planning, budget creation & management, VPN creation and deployment, IT contract evaluation & optimization, software licensing & large-scale migration. 

Derek LaFever Profile

Education & Early Career

Upon attending the Associate of Science program at the Northern Virginia Community College, in Annandale, Virginia, Derek LaFever accepted a position with Signal Corporation. LaFever worked as the Lead Senior Systems Analyst position with Signal Corporation from 1998-2000 where he was responsible for the installation, configuration & administration of Windows NT.
Derek LaFever moved on from the Signal Corporation to become the Senior Network Engineer for MCI Worldcom in Ashburn, Virginia. While at MCI Worldcom, LaFever developed and implemented complex internet and intranet applications. He additionally advised management on network security, architectural improvements, design solutions, and integration systems. LaFever was also responsible for training and leading the junior IT team.

Career with FOX

When LaFever left MCI Worldcom in 2004, he accepted a position with FOX Architects, where he presently works as the Senior Director of Information Technology & Strategic Planning.
Derek LaFever began his career with FOX Architects as an IT Director where his primary duties were overseeing infrastructure of all technical operations, focused on minimizing cost, maximizing productivity & resources, and eliminating security risks. LaFever developed strong technical marketing skills from partnering and working cross-functionally with the marketing, business, and user experience teams. LaFever is credited with saving FOX Architects $84,000 annually by evaluating all of the existing IT contracts and reducing the monthly consulting costs by 54 percent. He was successful in reducing the server overhead costs by 50 percent and managed to reduce the server total from 20 to 10 in less than one year. Derek LaFever looks forward to the technological advances the future holds and is excited to continue his work with FOX Architects.